This is my space to rant and rave, vent and vex about education, my passion. I am calling it "Mining for Hidden Gems" because of the above quote and because as a teacher, my job is to look for those gems. The real valuable ones are not usually on the surface. You have to dig deep to find them.

I am also borrowing from Katherine Bomer's wonderful book Hidden Gems: Naming and Teaching From the Brilliance in Every Student's Writing. It has changed the way I look at not just student work but students themselves and all people around me.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Butterfly Facts For The Teacher

1.  All  caterpillars turn into butterflies.
2.  No one knows the exact moment when a butterfly will emerge from its cocoon.
3.  If you try to "help" a butterfly out of its cocoon, it will die.
4.  Not all butterflies are Monarchs.
5.  Moths have the same life cycle as butterflies. They are just introverted.