This is my space to rant and rave, vent and vex about education, my passion. I am calling it "Mining for Hidden Gems" because of the above quote and because as a teacher, my job is to look for those gems. The real valuable ones are not usually on the surface. You have to dig deep to find them.

I am also borrowing from Katherine Bomer's wonderful book Hidden Gems: Naming and Teaching From the Brilliance in Every Student's Writing. It has changed the way I look at not just student work but students themselves and all people around me.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

What Matters

It happens every year.  It happens to the best of us.  There comes a day when we ask ourselves is it all worth it.  Are we making a difference?  The task seems so daunting; the demands ever-increasing.  As teachers of small children, we rarely see immediate results of our efforts.  Last year, on one of those days I wrote these words and left them in my colleagues boxes as a small token of encouragement:

The sum of our days is a tally of all things good and bad. 
Every day, every moment is a chance to add a little bit to the good
 or a little bit to the bad.  
The choice is ours. 
So we show up every day, 
see the best in every child, 
do the best we can and 
hope that we have added 
a bit to the good in their lives.  
When it’s all said and done, 
that’s all that matters.  
All that we can ask for 
is that we are remembered 
because we let them go 
a little bit smarter, 
a little bit more confident, 
a little bit happier 
than when they came in 
through our doors.